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Anyone who has ever been involved in a personal injury case knows that there is much to worry about. From medical bills that continue to pile up to the inability to work for a period of time to the loss of a loved one and their income. It’s difficult for anyone to find themselves in a situation like this one, but it’s even more difficult when finances are already tight and injury only adds to the stress your family suffers. When you suspect that someone else’s negligence or fault is to blame for an accident or injury from which your family suffers, Attorney Tom Schimmerling can help you find the financial compensation to which you are entitled.

Many times, the victims of a personal injury case are awarded monetary compensation used to help with unexpected medical bills, pain and suffering and even lost wages. Since most families are unprepared to deal with something of this magnitude at any point in life, it’s often more catastrophic than you might imagine. Tom Shimmerling and his legal team are well-versed in successful personal injury cases, enabling clients to breathe a little easier in the aftermath of tragedy.

What is a Personal Injury?

In short, a personal injury case is one in which the negligence or lack of attention by another person causes an accident that results in injuries to another party. While most do not intend to cause harm to others, it happens quite frequently due to simple negligence; and it’s devastating to families.

In a personal injury case, it is very common to see incidents that result in bone injuries, lacerations, illness, poisoning, infection, burns, brain injuries and spine injuries. These sometimes result in more serious long-term health issues such as paralysis, mental impairment and the inability to function at normal capacity. For the most part, the victim and/or the family of the victim of a personal injury case has only two years to file a claim for damages. Attorney Tom Schimmerling knows the ins and outs of personal injury cases and is widely regarded as one of the best in the business when it comes to awarding victims what is rightfully owed to them.

catastrophic injury trial lawyer

Catastrophic Injury

No one cares to think about these types of injuries, but they do occur. A catastrophic injury is just that; catastrophic. An injury of this nature is difficult to come back from, and the long term effects of an injury of this nature are always life-changing. Many catastrophic injuries include the loss of a limb, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burn injuries and even neurological disorders.

The lives of the victim and his or her family are forever changed with something like this occurs. These injuries typically require extensive medical care, rehabilitation and sometimes lifelong personal care around the clock. They are difficult, and the pain from an injury such as this one never truly goes away.

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Fall Injuries

Pretty self-explanatory, a fall injury is one that occurs when a victim falls down and suffers injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence. There are endless possibilities an accident such as this could happen, from unsafe working conditions to a maintenance person simply forgetting to place a warning sign on a wet floor. It is the responsibility of a property owner to ensure that all walkways, staircases and other property are well-maintained, cared for and safe. When they are not cared for in this manner, danger lurks in most every corner.

Fortunately, many falls are not serious and do not require any sort of medical attention. Unfortunately, there are always exceptions to every rule which might mean your fall is one that causes extensive damage and results in hefty medical bills and lost wages.

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

One of the worst personal injuries anyone could suffer is a traumatic brain injury. One of the most important organs, the brain operates so many different functions within the body and mind. When it is not in proper working order, a person cannot fully function. A person not functioning at his or her highest capacity is often unable to work, make money and care for their family.

It’s not uncommon for a traumatic brain injury to cause death; more than 50,000 people die each year from these injuries. Other suffer from less severe, but very serious side effects. This includes anything from loss of vision and/or fine motor skills, concentration, memory, personality changes, the inability to control impulses, excessive fatigue, mood swings and many other highly damaging side effects.

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Child Injuries

If thinking about the devastation of these personal injuries is not bad enough, it becomes far worse when the victim is a child. Child injuries happen, and they are among the worst. Whether it’s at the hand of a caregiver, a babysitter, a family member or someone who is simply negligent for a moment, few things in life are as devastating as injuries that occur to children. From child abuse in a physical sense to emotional abuse, sexual abuse and child neglect, there are too many ways in which a child might be injured.

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Finding Rightful Compensation

A personal injury attorney like Tom Schimmerling and his legal team can help you find the proper compensation when a personal injury occurs. Your life did not change so dramatically because of your own doing when someone else is at fault, and you are entitled to find relief from some of your suffering when it is owed to you. If you or someone in your family has suffered from a personal injury such as any of the injuries we’ve covered, call Tom Schimmerling and his legal team today to schedule an appointment to discuss your options, your case and what can be done to ease the pain and suffering, as well as the financial devastation, that has occurred to your family at the hands of someone else.