Pedestrian Accident Wrongful Death Attorney

The loss of a loved one in a pedestrian accident is unequivocally heartbreaking. There are many emotions associated with the unexpected and sudden death of someone you love, and no one can blame you for your feelings. Attorney Tom Schimmerling and staff at Schimmerling Injury Law Firm are sympathetic to your loss, and we wish you the sincerest sympathy. The devastating loss of a loved one is nothing you will ever be able to get over or forget about. It is, unfortunately, something that stays with you the rest of your life. While it won't ease the pain of your loss, you can be justly compensated for the wrongful death at hand in a manner that allows you to cover the medical bills, funeral costs and even the unexpected loss of income when the person whose death it is was a financial contributor in your family.

Dealing with a loss as significant and heartbreaking as a wrongful death accident leaves grieving family members to ask a number of questions. Some might seem appropriate and others might not, but you can be assured that your questions are all valid and none are inappropriate in a situation like this one.

  •   Will we ever get over this accident and our loss?
  •   What are we supposed to do about the medical bills we have to pay?
  •   Do we have any legal options?
  •   Do we call an attorney?
  •   Are we entitled to compensation to help with the financial devastation we are facing?

It’s not uncommon to wonder these things; and it’s not wrong. You are dealing with a number of emotions at the moment, and some of them are emotions you can control. You cannot get over the loss and the grief of a situation like this, but you can get over the financial stress caused by an accident you simply did not see coming.   Schimmerling Injury Law Firm has dealt with many pedestrian accidents, and we know that it is a very difficult situation for all involved. Personal injury attorney Tom Schimmerling makes it his goal to do whatever is necessary to help you deal with tragedy like this should it occur. You have other things to deal with at the moment far more pressing than legal matters, which is why we take over for you so that you have less stress and less to deal with when your family needs you most.

Why Bother with a Lawsuit or a Claim When It Won’t Bring My Loved One Back?

It’s a fair question; and a very good one. No, a wrongful death claim will not bring back the person you lost. Nothing will; and nothing will take away the pain you are currently feeling. Only time will make it easier to deal, but it won’t make it easy. Legal matters cannot handle the pain you feel. However, financial hardship is a very common and very unwelcome side effect of pedestrian accidents, and it’s not something you should be forced to deal with in a time like this.

Every case is different, but many families of victims are entitled to compensation following a pedestrian accident. Some clients are entitled to compensation that helps with the following:

  •   Loss of wages
  •   Funeral expenses
  •   Emergency treatment required
  •   Medical costs
  •   Medical transportation
  •   Doctor visits
  •   Follow-up care
  •   Wrongful death
  •   Emotional care

Every case is different, but if someone else caused the pedestrian accident that took the life of your loved one, your family could be eligible to receive compensation for the accident. Many families might feel wrong about this, but you are due the financial compensation that was caused by the accident. Your family should not spend the next several years paying medical bills incurred on behalf of your lost loved one and an accident that was caused by someone else. The same goes for funeral expenses and the remaining family members who suffer due to lost wages.

At Schimmerling Injury Law Firm, our support staff is here to ensure that you have as little stress to deal with as possible, and we are here to ensure that you are given the care you need in figuring out your next steps and the rest of this difficult process.

What Is the Time Frame for Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Binghamton?

You and your family are the victims here, but every state has a statute of limitations in place to protect their residents. This means you have to file a claim against the person or company who caused the pedestrian accident that claimed the life of your loved on in a very specific time frame. This is a deadline that cannot be forgotten or your case runs the risk of never going to court. Don’t wait to file a claim. If your loved one is hurt or killed in a pedestrian accident case, call now to schedule your FREE initial consultation to go over your case and your rights. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to miss the deadline and not receive the compensation you deserve for damages that were not your fault from the start.

Get Your Pedestrian Accident Case Started Today

Call Schimmerling Injury Law Firm today to speak with experienced wrongful death attorney Tom Schimmerling who knows that you are dealing with something tragic right now. We are very sympathetic to your plight and understanding of what it is you are going through and dealing with at the moment. Legal action will not change the results of this accident, but it can help you pay for unexpected medical bills, funeral costs and the expenses that have occurred after the resulting loss of income you may be dealing with.

Binghamton lawyer Tom Schimmerling and his team knows how to handle a difficult case like this to ensure you are not inconvenienced any more than absolutely necessary; it’s the job of a professional personal injury attorney to ensure that your case is handled quickly, efficiently and in a timely fashion so that you may begin the healing process in an attempt to get on with your life following a tragic occurrence such as a deadly pedestrian accident.