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While many drivers have no need to pay attention to buses on a regular basis, public buses and tour buses are all over the road. From buses that take elderly residents from their neighborhoods to local stores, libraries and events to school buses to buses taking school kids on field trips to charter buses taking passengers from point A to point B, there are buses constantly on the move. It’s easy to forget that they exist when you don’t use them, have kids on them or pay much attention to them; but they are there. Sadly, buses are also very likely to become involved in road and highway accidents. While you don’t hear about them as much as you hear about cars in accidents, it does happen; and the results are usually terrifying due to the number of people buses are capable of carrying – and the fact that they tend to carry children on a regular basis.

Buses are among the safest ways to travel, but they are not foolproof when it comes to accidents. There are metro buses, transit buses and regular buses all over the roadways on a daily basis, and they are no more likely to be safe than you are in your vehicle. Sometimes bus accidents are caused by things that cannot be avoided, such as other drivers, bad weather and unforeseen circumstances. Other times, they are caused by the driver; one who might not be paying attention to the road, one who might be texting and driving, talking and driving or worse, drinking and driving.

Bus accidents happen, and that’s what makes it a good idea for you to know that they do, as well as what to do when something like this occurs.

Who is Responsible for Bus Accident Injuries?

Bus accident injuries can range from minor to severe – and worse. Typically, the person responsible for the accident is the owner of the bus company. This is the person typically responsible for the injuries you incur in a bus accident. This is because they are considered common carriers. A common carrier comes with its own set of specially enforced laws and regulations, and that can make it difficult for the average person to understand what he or she might be entitled to should they become involved in an accident that is with a bus.

The good news whether you are involved in a bus accident or not, however, is that bus lines are expected to provide the best possible care since they care for so many people. They are held to higher standards and are, therefore, expected to provide quality service at every moment. This same law makes it possible for bus lines to become responsible for any injuries you might incur should you become involved in an accident in or with a bus; the same goes for a cruise ship, a trolley and an airplane. However, just because it is typically very easy to prove fault in a case like this does not mean that you do not need an experienced personal injury attorney such as Tom Schimmerling at Schimmerling Injury Law Firm, who has years of experience working cases like this and providing clients with the most compensation allotted when an accident like this occurs.

What Are the Common Causes of Bus Accidents?

There is no way to tell what might cause a bus accident at any given time. However, there are a few factors that are considered common in many cases. For instance, it is highly possible than a bus driver is not paying attention to the road. It’s important to remember that bus drivers are humans, and humans are not perfect. There are a number of distractions on buses, from passengers being up and about when they should be seated to phones going off to text messages, to distraction, exhaustion and even drivers who are breaking the law and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Additionally, it is also much more difficult to stop a bus than it is to stop a smaller vehicle, which means a bus that is caught in a situation in which someone pulls out in front it or it has to stop short could become involved in a crash that might result in serious injury. These are occurrences that, fortunately, do not happen all that often but are not impossible.

Furthermore, a bus might have no choice but to swerve when another driver is negligent. These are the types of accidents that tend to occur most often in morning hours and evening hours when people are on the roads on their way to and from work, and they are considered highly dangerous. Finally, any bus could be poorly maintained and may have a broken part, a defect or a mechanical failure that could result in the bus not operating correctly and causing a catastrophic accident. Even the weather could have an effect on the safe driving abilities of a bus and the operational features of a bus. There are virtually endless possibilities that could cause a bus accident.

Common Injuries Associated with Bus Accidents

There is no injury that is off-limits when it comes to a bus accident. Anything can happen and you just never know when it could happen and the extent of the injuries. It all depends on the type of accident that occurs and even the overall health of those involved. However, there are many injuries that are considered more common than others. The most common injuries associated with a bus accident are whiplash from head snapping back and forth as well as concussions from head injuries. Other injuries tend to include sprains to the back, neck and shoulders.

Serious accidents sometimes cause more serious damage, such as passengers being thrown around the bus. This can cause broken limbs, brain damage and even broken bones. Sometimes injuries are far worse and a passenger does not make it through the accident and becomes the victim of a wrongful death case. The difficult thing about a bus accident is that speed, road conditions, driver awareness and many other factors determine how damaging injuries might be. The best course of action following an accident involving a bus is to see a doctor so that injuries can be not only documented but treated as quickly as possible.

How Personal Injury Attorney Tom Schimmerling Can Help

Bus accidents are complicated. While a bus is one of the safest methods of travel, anything can happen. When a bus accident occurs, many people are unaware that the rules of the road governing buses are often very different than those that govern the average vehicle. What this means is that finding the correct compensation is often more difficult.

Anyone injured in a bus crash is entitled to compensation that allows you to cover the cost of your medical bills, your loss of wages for being unable to work and even the rehabilitation that you might have to go through if your injuries are serious enough. Additionally, there is even more to consider if you are the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a crash with a bus due to the bus driver’s negligence or lack of attention to the road. Since Schimmerling Injury Law Firm is the law firm that has the experience necessary to ensure you are given the proper compensation, we recommend that you call us today to find out how we can help you get on your road to recovery. We want to see you compensated for your injuries, discomfort and inconvenience. An accident caused by a bus should not cost you anything out of pocket that you do not receive back from the bus company whose negligence was at fault.

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