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For many, riding a motorcycle is a dream come true. Those who partake in the pastime of riding love the feeling of freedom. The wind in their hair, the sunshine on their faces and the exhilaration that comes from being so free on the road is indescribable. It’s the same feeling that many of us feel in a convertible with the top down. It’s exciting and fun, but motorcycles are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road. They’re small, easily missed, and they are almost always the deadliest when an accident does occur. There is breathtaking freedom in being on the seat of a motorcycle for so many people, but it’s also devastating for so many.

Attorney Tom Schimmerling knows that there are few things more exhilarating and few things as dangerous as riding a motorcycle at any speed, and he has helped numerous clients involved in motorcycle-related accidents. While some motorcycle accidents are caused by those who are on their bikes driving recklessly and not paying attention, many bikers are just innocent victims at the mercy of others on the road. Our staff and associates know just what can happen when a bike enthusiast goes out for a day of fun in the sun and relaxation only to have it end in tragedy. That’s why we work so hard for our clients to ensure that those who are injured in accidents at the fault of others are appropriately compensated for the injuries they endure.

Motorcycle Accidents We Handle

Motorcycle accident defense is not a simple issue. There are numerous types of accidents that might occur when it comes to motorcycles, drivers and riders. From single motorcycle accidents to multiple vehicle crashes, Attorney Tom Schimmerling and his professional staff handle everything.

  •   Single motorcycle crashes
  •   Multiple vehicle crashes
  •   Wrongful death
  •   Defective parts
  •   Any other type of accident

Anything can happen on the road. It’s been said time and time again that there are far more reasons to worry on the road than on a plane, as you are far more likely to be involved in a car accident than a plane accident on any given day. It’s true, and it also applies to motorcycles. The only issue here is that when a motorcycle is involved in an accident on the road, the results are typically far worse. With nothing to protect riders from the road, from other vehicles and from their own motorcycles, the results are typically devastating.

Accidents can occur at any time, no matter how careful the driver of a motorcycle is. The road conditions at any given time might be unknowingly dangerous. Other drivers might not pay attention. A faulty piece on a bike might result in brakes not working or even a rider being thrown from the bike on a turn a faulty piece of equipment on the bike cannot handle. What should be a fun and exciting way to spend some free time always has the potential of turning dangerous at any moment, and our staff knows that anyone involved in a motorcycle accident needs an experienced attorney with knowledge and expertise to get you the compensation you deserve.

Most Common Motorcycle Accident-Related Injuries

The simple fact of the matter is that many people do not walk away from a motorcycle accident. It’s even more dangerous for those who do not wear helmets while riding; the injuries are typically severe and often life-changing. It’s a risk that anyone who rides a bike takes, but that doesn’t make riding one any more different than taking up any other number of dangerous sports or activities.

Put simply, those who ride motorcycles know that if they are hit by a car, turn too sharply and are thrown from their bike or involved in any other type or crash, they could be seriously injured for life – or even killed. Our team knows that the family of the victim, the victim himself and anyone else who’s life is changed and forever altered because of a motorcycle accident deserves a fair chance at being compensated when the accident is the fault of someone else.

Injuries related to motorcycle accidents are numerous. Nothing is unheard of, but there are several injuries that are far more likely to occur than others when a person is hit on a bike.

  1. Road Rash – It just sounds painful. Anyone who has ever had something like a carpet burn from falling down playing with the kids or playing with a sibling growing up has a small glimmer into what the pain of road rash really looks like. It’s when a person’s body is dragged along the asphalt or concrete and scraped, ripped apart and made raw. The term “raw meat,” is often used to describe the type of road rash that is often suffered by those who ride motorcycles, and it’s far more damaging to many than just a simple rash. This is an injury that can be relatively minor to exceptionally serious; and sometimes it takes more than just a little bit of rest to recover from it.
  2. Broken Bones – As it could happen in any accident, broken bones are a common injury associated with those who are in a bike accident. From being thrown from bikes, hit by cars, falling onto their bones when they fall from their bike or even brace themselves before hitting the road, broken bones happen more often than not when a motorcycle accident occurs. For many, the bones heal easily without too much issue. Unfortunately, other broken bones are so serious that they take years to heal, and some don’t even heal properly.
  3. Brain Injuries – When a motorcyclist rides a bike, it’s common sense to wear a helmet. However, it’s not always required. There are many states that do not require you to wear a helmet when you ride, and even then there are addendums that specify even more specific rules and regulations regarding helmets. Those who don’t wear helmets are far more prone to traumatic brain injuries than those who do, but even those with helmets are not always protected against brain injury. When a brain injury occurs, chances that it can be handled and you can return to your normal life without any side effect or issues are also slim, which is why we handled these cases
  4. Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord injuries are dangerous. While some can be overcome and fixed with medical help, others are more likely to leave a person paralyzed. Motorcycle accidents are much more likely than almost any other type of accident to result in this type of injury, too, which makes it one of the most dangerous forms of entertainment in the world. This can happen during even the most seemingly minor accident, and it can change your life forever.
  5. Burns – Another common injury in a motorcycle accident is burns. Burns can have one of the most significant effects on your body from leaving small scars to requiring you need tissue and skin grafts. They can leave you unable to feel certain parts of your body, they can leave you with permanent damage you cannot fix, and they can leave you with emotional scars from the state of your appearance as well as the shocking constant reminder of the horror your endured during this accident.
  6. Amputation – Sadly, many motorcycle accident victims lose body parts. Whether it is an arm or a leg or even just a finger, it happens more often than not. When you have nothing around your body to protect you from vehicles and other dangers on the road during an accident, it’s not uncommon for your appendages to become stuck or twisted so badly that they require amputation.
  7. Eye Injuries – Even bikers with helmets on can be subject to eye injuries. Whether it’s a piece of glass getting into the eye, a piece of equipment, or just the damage that is done to the head in an accident, eye injuries and permanent blindness are some of the most common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents.

No matter how big, small or serious an injury is, you deserve compensation to help you pay for your medical bills, to help you deal with the recovery period and to help you handle the cost of expenses should the victim of the accident not survive his or her injuries. Many of the injuries that occur during a motorcycle accident are long-lasting, leaving you out of work, with mounting medical bills and oftentimes unable to pay for the damages that are incurred in the recovery process. Don’t let this happen to you; call our offices for the help you need and compensation you deserve. 

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